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FC Athlete Club

FC Athlete Club is a sports gym specialized in muscle exercise / muscle training, aiming at the area of ironworks, teachers and gurus.

  Mikiko Ando GM has won medals for the first time in 16 years at the 2018 Asian Games and is active at the Weightlifting International Convention.She was fifth in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.Tomoko Sawabe (2018 Masters World Cup Winner), Tatsuya Nakai (Waseda University Waitlifting Department), Yuuki Furukawa (former Keio University Waitlifting Department) and others are in charge.

Kujukuri Jim in Chiba Prefecture
We moved from the Great Buddha of Kamagaya.Kazusa Ichinomiya opened a three - story camp near the Kujukuri Beach.A white building is a practice area and a blue building in the back is a training camp.The scenery of the sea which can be seen from the 3rd floor of the training camp is an excellent view.

Address: 〒 299 - 4300 Chiba Prefecture Chosei - gun, Ichinomi - cho New land 1999 - 42.
Telephone: 090 - 8104 - 3456 (Ryoji Furukawa)

One hour by express from Tokyo Station. Get off at Kazusa-Ichinomiya station. 5 minutes by taxi. You can tell the former RINKAISOU to the taxi drivers.

Weight training area for FC athlete club members exclusive Kujukuri camps, lifting surf · fit fit players etc.Weightlifting international official link 1 side · Wesaka rubber link 6 planes installed.Workout training facility installation.Up to 22 people are OK.Parking lot 22 OK.

Tsukiji Jim in Tokyo Prefecture
Tsukiji GYM⇒⇒ CrossFit Tsukiji · 2 free-wait links · squat rack · bench press rack.Tsukiji River Park front.You can run in the park.
Front of Shintomi-cho 6th exit of the subway.
Address: 〒 104 - 0045 1F&2F,3-1-1 Tsukiji Chuo-Ku Tokyo Japan
Telephone: 090 - 8104 - 3456 (Ryoji Furukawa)

Monthly members · Daily members admission fee 10,000 yen → 0 yen (free campaign being underway)
Monthly member → 7700 yen / month + tax
Daily membership → 0 yen to pay for each facility use.

Practice area usage fee
Month Membership Fee → Use of Tsukiji and Kujukuri both facilities 0 yen.
Daily membership fee → Tsukiji and Kujukuri both facilities use 2500 yen (tax included).

Practice field use time
 6 am - 11 pm

Camping room usage fee
 Monthly membership fee · Daily membership → Sunday to Thursday 1 day 2000 yen (excluding national holidays).Friday, Saturday, before national holiday 3000 yen (including tax).
The student's member is uniformly 2,000 yen (including tax).

Time to enter and leave the training camp
Admission After 2 pm
Evacuation before 11 am


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