Masters Gymnasium Kamagaya 
FC Athlete Club・Osteopathic Clinic 
Indoor facilities suitable for training of the sports climbing
1 line for beginner's classes.
2 lines for upper grades
One international formal link ・
Two rubber links.
Training Machine
2016 Masters World Cup Tokyo/Preparations record meeting.
The first Weightlifting Rally.
March 27, 2016 /the participants.
1964 Tokyo Olympics Champion Yoshinobu Miyake.
2015 Masters world championship Champion Kozo Katsuragawa.
2016 Rio Olympics Fifth Place Mikiko Ando etc.
The second Weightlifting Rally.
July 23, 2016 /the participants.
Weightlifting=Entering Charges JPY500 yen and Link fee JPY 500/It is JPY1,000 in total per person.
Bouldering=Entering Charges JPY500 yen and Link fee JPY 1500/It is JPY2,000 in total per person.
The training machine is available only for Entering Charges JPY500.

 Facility information
Sports Jim needs sports shoes and person confirmation documents (passport).
Even if there is not gym experience, You can train immediately on the spot.
Sports Jim has an oil pressure machine and a super low-speed Walkerfor rehabilitation..
There is the bench press stand, squat stand, international formal barbell set etc.
The Olympian comes for an exercise, too
Parking lot free of chargefree of charge

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千葉県鎌ケ谷市鎌ケ谷三丁目3-38 マスターズ運動館

Masters Gymnasium
3-3-38 Kamagaya Kamagayashi Chiba Japan 273-0105

047-436-8280 (澤邉・中井・古川) ★メール
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 FC Athlete Club Entrance  18:00 closing open at 10:00
 Osteopathic Clinic Entrance  19:30 closing open at 10:00
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 People who aim at   the active play to 100 years old